URBAN.BEER is a small-batch BREWERY in BASEL, Switzerland, brewing FULL FLAVOURED ALES AND Lagers with LOCALLY SOURCED products.

It started one Sunday in the summer of 2016 with four beer lovers at Birsköpfli. The conversation turned to beer and why there was a need for better beer in Basel. They went away and borrowed a small brew kit from a local brewer and they brewed all winter. Urban Brew House was registered with the Swiss Biersteuer in early 2017 as brewery number 1024 and later that year one of them went to the UK to study for a Certificate in Practical Brewing. Currently situated in a basement in Therwil we aspire to come out of the underworld and into the light in 2018.

 So far we have created tasty unfiltered Lagers, IPAs and Stouts, and as of summer 2018 the focus is on using locally sourced seasonal adjuncts such as Elderflower and Chili Peppers to extend our taste range. Wild yeast is next on the agenda. Wherever possible we use organic malts and hops and balance the water to suit each beer type. Brew days are fun and educational and 2018 will see us extend beyond Swiss borders by contracting and collaborating with our network of friends across Europe to bring our fresh new flavours to a much wider audience.

Our motto: ‘The more we brew the more we learn’.